Marietta the Gathering

AtlantaPFS participated in Marietta the Gathering on March 4, 2023. The turnout for this, the inaugural event, seemed to be good (from what could be seen from the Boxwood Social Hall, where Tabletop RPGS (TTRPGs) and Board Games were both positioned.

Because the 501st Legion, Georgia Garrison was in attendance, we asked and got the green light to send anyone who either critically failed rolls or rolled a natural 1 to the 501st for immediate recruitment (for those who aren’t aware, Stormtroopers are frequently depicted as missing frequently). Of our 5 tables, it appears only 2 players were eligible for a trip to the 501st, though both redeemed themselves later with natural 20s, making them ineligible for service. We give our thanks to the 501st for playing along with us in this.

We also thank the City of Marietta, Department of Parks & Recreation for inviting us to their event. We’re looking forward to attending again next year, and to have an even greater presence.

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