How to get More Help

What? You mean the Skittermanders and Goblins who man this site aren’t covering what you need to know?

Don’t panic. Send a raven!

Okay, to be serious for a moment (and if you know the author of this post, serious is one of those things that’s a rarity), there are a number of ways to get more help.

  • GAPFS Forums
  • GeorgiaPFS Discord
  • Send an email to
  • Contact any Venture-Officer
  • Ask one of us when we’re out in public at an event
  • If it’s specifically related to a scenario or a scheduled session, you can ask on Warhorn by posting a message on the Discussion tab of the session
  • Still on Warhorn, you can click the envelope on the top menu to email the event staff
  • Paizo Forums

If you need help because of a problem that is not game related, or if the help you’re looking for is to ask for specific scenarios to be run at certain venues, an incident we need to be aware of and look into, or something else, you can always put in a support ticket

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