RPGChronicles for AtlantaPFS RSP Sessions

AtlantaPFS uses RPGChronicles for sign-in sheets and reporting. If you are running a game under an RSP eligible event code, you will need to create your session on RPGChronicles (a free account is all you’ll need).

Follow the instructions on the How it Works page to set up your account and session (GMs will need to set up their own sessions on RPGChronicles) with the following exceptions:

  • After step 4 in the After the Game section, since the event code is flagged as a recurring event, you will see a button entitled “Submit Report to HQ”. Click this to trigger a Venture-Officer to report your completed game to Paizo.

Venture-Officers are required to complete reporting on Paizo’s website within 2 weeks of the completion of any game session. Using RPGChronicles will help us keep that requirement by showing all open games to the “event staff”.

This process is the same as it is for supported conventions.

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