Volunteer Information

By signing on to volunteer for AtlantaPFS, you represent us to the general public. To that end, there are some things to keep in mind, whether at a local game day or a convention:

Local Game Day Specific

  • Leave the area where you are running games in at least as good of a condition as you found it. This will help us to keep good relationships with our Friendly Local Game Stores
    • Clean up after yourselves and move tables/chairs back into place when done.

Convention/Event Specific

  • If a Game Master cancels with short to no notice, every attempt should be made by Headquarters volunteers to try to seat the players awaiting that session at another session, whether it’s one occurring at the same time theirs was to occur or at another point during the convention. If this is not possible, Headquarters and Game Master Headquarters volunteers should work together to try to run something, either the initially scheduled scenario or some other scenario that is acceptable to those impacted.
    • No-call/no-show at a convention will carry the consequence of a minimum of 1 year not being permitted to volunteer at conventions for us. The convention may also wish to take action.
  • If the coordinating Venture-Officer sets up an RPGChronicles Dashboard for the convention or event, when you are creating your tables, make sure you are inputting accurate dates and times as the dashboard setup requires the Venture-Officer provide time slot dates & times, and having incorrect information prevents the games to align to the appropriate time slot.
  • There will be a mask supply at Headquarters for volunteers to use as they see fit.
    • If a table Game Master asks for a mask, or for masks for their players, these can be given to them.

Applicable to All Volunteers

  • Try to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time slot. If you are running late, make sure to let the responsible Venture-Officer for the Friendly Local Game Store know and/or to post to Discord or the Forums (or ask that they do it, if you’re driving) that you’re running behind schedule with an approximate arrival time.
    • For local game days, there will be an initial warning with a 6 month probation period for no-call/no-show. If another no-call/no-show occurs during the probation period, a 6-month suspension from volunteering will be enacted. Further no-call/no-show events can lead to no longer being considered viable as a volunteer.
  • As a Game Master, you are responsible to get chronicle sheets to the players after game completion, whether as a physical (paper) chronicle sheet or an electronic chronicle sheet.
    • Every effort needs to be made to provide these to the players at the end of the scheduled session. If this is not possible, let the responsible Venture-Officer know as well as the players and give all a date by when they should expect to receive them.
    • If you plan to provide paper chronicle sheets, it is your responsibility to print them and to have them available for players.
    • You are also responsible to get the sign-in information to the responsible Venture-Officer for reporting.
      • Note that Venture-Officers are required to have reporting completed within a maximum of 2 weeks from game date/completion of an AP book. Make sure you get reporting information to the Venture-Officer responsible so they do not miss a deadline as a result.
      • Venture-Officers may add you as a reporter on their events on the Paizo site. If they do this, you have the ability to add the reporting information directly rather than to provide it to the Venture-Officer
  • Take the appropriate precautions for the health of yourselves, your families, the players at your tables, and any other volunteers at the event or local game day. (See “Public Health” in the Venture-Officer Handbook for further information).
    • Any Venture-Officer, Game Master, volunteer, or player choosing either to mask or not to mask is not to be harassed over their choice by anyone.
      • If someone at a table feels uncomfortable around others at the table because of masking or lack thereof, then please work to re-seat the player(s) if possible.
      • If you, as a volunteer, feel uncomfortable having players without masks, you may ask players to mask, however, if there is no requirement from the Friendly Local Game Store/event/city/state for masking, it’s a personal choice and not able to be enforced.
      • If you do ask someone to mask and they give you a hard time about it, feel free to see responsible Venture-Officer so they can either re-seat them or activate the ejector seat, as the situation requires.
      • During times of public health crises (or even for con crud/flu season), ollow federal, state, and local health policies. In the case of policy changes, local government press releases and websites (such as those designating “opening tiers”), including the website/social media presence for the convention/event/Friendly Local Game Store should include the most recent updates to their health and safety policy. All Venture-Officers and volunteers are required to adhere to the policies set forth by the convention/event/Friendly Local Game Store, however, if you feel these policies are not appropriate to keep you and your players healthy and safe, it is completely within your power to decline to participate.
  • There could be players at your tables who ask for special accommodations because of disabilities or other issues. We should honor those requests whenever possible. Disabilities don’t have to be visible for them to be real. If you have questions or concerns about attempting to honor a request for special accommodations, please bring that to the responsible Venture-Officer immediately.
  • For issues with players, Game Masters, Venture-Officers, convention/event/Friendly Local Game Store staff, or even members of other Organized Play groups, or if a player raises a concern at your table, the section of the Venture-Officer Handbook on Crises and Problems, which includes a link to the Code of Conduct, should provide appropriate guidance. If not, reach out to the responsible Venture-Officer and/or send an email to support@atlantapfs.freshdesk.com so the issue can be investigated and addressed.
    • If an incident occurs where action is taken by convention/event/Friendly Local Game Store staff, security, or law enforcement, be sure to email as much information as you can gather to support@atlantapfs.freshdesk.com so it can be addressed in a timely manner.
    • Keep in mind that conventions/events/Friendly Local Game Stores are required to comply with anti-harassment policies if they want current and future support offered by Paizo Organized Play. Incidents of harassment are not tolerated and should immediately be reported to the Venture-Officer responsible for convention/event/Friendly Local Game Store coordination.
  • This likely doesn’t need to be said, but I’d be remiss not to. Remember, we’re typically not the only organized play group in a Friendly Local Game Store or at a convention at any given time. In the words of Captain Jack Sparrow, don’t do anything stupid. The players and Game Masters are not to blame for any issues with the way the overall campaign is managed, how the publishing company acts, etc., and they’re also not to be given a hard time over things. Not that I believe anyone would do so, but, a reminder to be “civil” is never a bad option. If anyone from another group starts giving us a hard time, bring that to the responsible Venture-Officer so it can be addressed. Remember to be nice until it’s time not to be nice.
  • Last, but certainly not least, have fun. That’s why we’re all going to be there. As long as we all do our parts, everyone should be able to enjoy themselves.
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