I want to start by thanking everyone for being patient as I rebuilt the website from the ground up. I know there’s content that got lost in the transition, since I no longer had any access to it to recreate it on the new site. I also know there are pages I haven’t recreated since I forgot what they were. But, with that having been said, my goal, when the site went down during the transfer, was to have a working website for the group again by Tuesday. It’s Monday evening, and I think the heavy lifting is done

With the switch from the CMS over to WordPress, there are a good number of changes to how things are laid out and how things work, but, in the long run, I think this switch will be good for the site.

I tried to keep the top menu light on content to help people accessing via a mobile device, opting to put menu widgets along the right side of the screen instead, and the design allowed for a background image (the Nivi’s table artwork) as well as a header image (a generic dungeon image) which also lent a little color to things. I also opted to ditch some items, like the help forum. In thinking it through, it was duplicating what the shared GAPFS Forums were already there to do. The only exceptions to that were the tools help section and the VO Help section (which only Venture-Officers saw or could access).

In the end, with a few hurdles that needed to be overcome, we have a redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up website.

Right now, the Member Area is light on content (just the one page), and, in spite of choosing to hide the VO Area menu from everyone except VOs during the build, it’s showing up when I’m using browsers where I’m not logged in, though showing a Restricted Content link rather than the actual link unless a Venture-Officer with the appropriate role on the site is logged in. The Member Area will get more content as we go on, as will (most likely) the VO Area and the rest of the site. But, for now, I’m going to take a break from the building process and go into “maintenance mode”, making small updates as needed.

Thanks again for your patience during this.

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