Schedule adjustments are coming…

Some of us in the VO Corps like to schedule ahead on game sessions. Personally, I schedule them a quarter at a time. This will occasionally cause schedules to be reevaluated as the months unfold and events come up.

As an example, MomoCon is coming May 25-28. There are slogs scheduled at both Titan and Discover on the last day of the convention. The session at Titan will be canceled so as to not conflict with the convention (which runs 10 am – 2 pm that day).

Another example is June 25, where there is a scheduled game at Titan, however, the prior day is Free RPG Day. As a result, the scheduled session on the 25th will not occur, but Free RPG Day sessions will. We are trying to get coverage at as many of our venues as we can for Free RPG Day, so you may see people at venues they do not normally frequent as a result.

July will also possibly bring schedule changes to work around Southern-Fried Gaming Expo (yes, we are heading back to SFGE this year). Looking ahead at the calendar, that should not impact our standard game days at Titan that will be impacted in May and June.

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