AtlantaPFS is off to a good start this year. We’re on track to blow last year out of the water, which, frankly, is a low bar to overcome. But, in the same way Organized Play is using last year as the baseline for comparative stats, so are we.

The most improved number is our total table count, including special events. We’re 14 tables away from beating the entire year of 2022 already. 4 new events were added in the first quarter, as were 2 new VOs and 7 venues. We’ve given out almost 59% as many new player IDs so far as we did last year. We also successfully ran nearly 74% of the games we scheduled without cancellations or substitutions (on the RSP side) and 56% when special events are included.

Data is being collected from official sources and a deep dive into a lot of numbers shows some interesting trends as far as our “Most Actives”:
Month – March
Venue – Level-Up Duluth
Day of the week – Tuesday, with Saturday a close second
Web presence month – January (3880 hits across our digital footprint)

As some of you may already know, Venture-Officers have a requirement to run a specific number of games publicly per month, which gives us a monthly goal to hit, at a minimum, based on the number of Venture-Officers. On average, we are exceeding the goal.

None of this would be possible without you, the player and GM base who come out to support our efforts. Going into our busiest time of the year, convention season (May – September), we need your support even more. If you’ve ever been curious to learn the games or have a desire to run them, let us know. We recruit all year long for GMs for local game days as well as conventions. The volunteer form is located on the AtlantaPFS website (

On a final note, if anyone is interested in the numbers or how they are captured/calculated, feel free to reach out.

Looking forward to continuing to see you at the tables!

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