Who else is excited for Free RPG Day?

📣 Exciting News! Get ready for the epic celebration of Free RPG Day on Saturday, June 24! 🎉✨

Join us as we immerse ourselves in a world of thrilling adventures, strategic gameplay, and unforgettable storytelling. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the RPG scene, this is an event you won’t want to miss! Mark your calendars and prepare for an unforgettable day of tabletop gaming!

📍 Locations: Titan Games & Comics in Smyrna, GA and The Crazy Book Lady in Acworth, GA (and possibly more venues to be announced).

🔥 What’s in store for you? 🔥

1️⃣ Free RPG Day Games: Immerse yourself in a wide range of captivating tabletop RPGs. We have a fantastic lineup of games ready to transport you to imaginative realms and unleash your creativity.

2️⃣ Engaging Community: Connect with fellow RPG enthusiasts, share your love for gaming, and forge new friendships. The AtlantaPFS community is passionate, welcoming, and always eager to welcome new faces!

3️⃣ Expert Guidance: Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a curious beginner, our experienced game masters will be there to guide you through the rules, characters, and adventures. No prior experience is necessary – everyone is welcome!

💥 Spread the Word! 💥

Help us make this Free RPG Day a memorable one! Share this post with your friends, family, and gaming communities. Let’s create a buzz and celebrate the joy of tabletop RPGs together!

We can’t wait to see you on Saturday, June 24, at Titan Games & Comics in Smyrna, GA, and The Crazy Book Lady in Acworth, GA. Get ready for an incredible day of gaming, camaraderie, and adventure! 🎲✨

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