After some discussion and playing with the filtering options on Warhorn, the Venues Where We Play page has been update. At the bottom of the listing for each venue where we host games, a link has been added to our Warhorn page, filtered only to show games scheduled at that venue. Why the change? It was to make it easier for players to find out which scenarios would be offered when at their favorite venue(s). It’s also to make it easier for people new to the group to find things quickly on Warhorn instead of having to dig through things.

In the coming days or weeks, there will also be a revision made to the recruiting posters we have out in the venues. There is already a QR Code on the poster from Paizo Organized Play, and we will be adding a multi-URL QR Code that is specific to us to help people find us more easily. The current posters spell out the URL to this site, while the QR Code will automatically open your browser to the sites upon scanning.

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