Calling all Pathfinders and Starfinders, new and old! We’ve got a week packed with exciting adventures starting April 28th! Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or just starting your journey, we’d love to have you join the fun.

New to the game? No sweat!

Our awesome GMs are super enthusiastic about showing new players the ropes. They’ll answer your questions and guide you through the games, making sure you have a blast.

Score a seat with Warhorn!

We love walk-up players, but space is limited (usually to 6 adventurers per table). To guarantee your spot in a specific game, head over to our Warhorn thingy and sign up for the adventures that tickle your fancy. Here’s the link: Warhorn Link:

Waitlist Warriors!

If a game fills up but there’s enough interest, we might be able to add another GM or schedule another session. So, even if you don’t see an opening at first, don’t ditch hope! Join the waitlist and you might just get your shot at glory.

Double-check the Schedule!

Things can change sometimes, like a GM’s unexpected dragon appointment or not enough players to form a party (usually less than 3 adventurers, depending on level). To make sure a game is still happening, check the Warhorn link closer to the date.

No Character, No Problem!

Itching to jump in but don’t have a character for a specific adventure? No worries! We have pre-made characters you can borrow for some games. This lets you try things out and then build your own character later.

Calling All MomoCon Volunteers!

Our first big convention of the year, MomoCon (, is coming up over Memorial Day weekend! We’re looking for volunteers to be GMs and help out at our HQ. If you’re interested, fill out our volunteer form: Atlanta PFS Volunteer Form:

The Future of Warhorn

Heads up, there’s some talk about what’s happening with the Warhorn website. We’re looking into other options in case someone else doesn’t take over the project. We’ll keep you posted!

Alright, let’s go adventuring!

Here are the epic games happening this week (all times Eastern Time):

Sunday, April 28

Monday, April 29 – No games scheduled

Tuesday, April 30

Wednesday, May 1

Thursday, May 2 – No games scheduled

Friday, May 3 – No games scheduled

Saturday, May 3

  • Fantasy Grounds Unity (Virtual Tabletop) 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
    • SFS1 6-09: Ridgerock Rescue
      • Warhorn link –

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