Calling All GMs, the 2024 Edition!

It’s that time of year again when we start pushing for volunteers for local game days and convention season.  The difference this year is, as has been announced by Paizo, the return of GM boons.  Yes, that’s right, as a volunteer GM, you can get access to something new and shiny that’s not available to players.  While the specifics have not yet been determined or made public as far as content goes, what has been made public is that they are retroactive to the beginning of the year, so, if you’ve already run any tables for AtlantaPFS or PFS on the whole, you’re eligible.

Local game day schedules are always available on our Warhorn page.  Though we will happily take walkups who are interested in joining the game tables, with a table limit of 6 players, the best way to guarantee a seat is to sign up ahead of time.  That goes for GMs as well. Once the game is listed, GM sign-ups should also be available. If there are no sign-ups 24-48 hours ahead of the scheduled session, we may cancel the session.  If there are enough players to where the waitlist is activated, we can use that to try to recruit more GMs to run in that slot.

Our convention countdown timers show local and national events of interest, whether because we are running games at the event or players from the area are interested in attending. 

For smaller events, we will not schedule session slots, instead having several GMs scheduled to be at the HQ desk until enough players are available for a table to run.  The GMs at the HQ desk will also be available to talk players through character concepts and creation.

For our larger events, there will be scheduled session slots as well as the HQ desk.  We would like to have enough volunteer presence to have character creation stations, on-call GMs to run quests and bounties when enough players are interested, HQ volunteers to help with mustering and answering general questions, and GMs to run the scheduled offerings. 

The events that are happening later in the year may also see something exciting – the Starfinder 2nd Edition Playtest.  More information will be coming on that front as we get closer to its release.

So, how do you volunteer?  There’s a form for that.  It does not ask for specifics such as the number of time slots you’d like but does ask for more general information that will then be passed on to the point person from AtlantaPFS for that specific event so they can reach out to you and coordinate your participation. 

If you’ve already signed up in the past, thank you.  You won’t need to sign up again for this year.   Your information will be passed on to the point person for the event so they can reach out to you.

I also want to personally thank you for taking the time to volunteer.  Without dedicated and passionate volunteers like you, it is not possible for us to support local game days and events successfully.  So, thank you for your time volunteering and for helping make AtlantaPFS successful.

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