A few words about convention safety…

Convention season is on us. As gamers, we’re used to it. It happens annually and we all know the larger conventions begin in May and run through September/October. It’s the circle of life, so to speak, where we all get together from wherever we call home.

No names will be named in order to protect the innocent, but a conversation occurred this afternoon at a local game day about convention safety. Cosplayers seem to be the target of some of the outside the gaming community issues at the larger conventions, whether it’s other convention attendees or just people who live in the area. Just because someone is in a costume that may be considered provocative or may be form fitting does not mean they are there to be pawed at or worse by people, whether those cosplayers are gamers or not. Truth be told, no one should be subjected to any behavior that includes unwanted advances, hard stop.

I’m not saying this is happening to or because of anyone in our community. I Have no basis to say this is the case. What I am saying, though, is that, as gamers, we are a community. We are a family, in our own way. We take care of each other and watch each others’ backs.

For the non-gamers who may be reading this somewhere, I encourage you to know where the gaming area is at any convention you attend. I can’t speak for everyone, but I know deep down there are people in this community who will go out on a limb to help someone in need of it.

To that end, if you are at any convention in Atlanta, know where the gaming area is and come find me if you need help. If I’m not at the convention, come to the gaming area and tell whomever is there from AtlantaPFS that you’re there because of this message. They can always reach me by phone, email, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever medium is needed. If I’m at the convention, I’ll be there to do whatever I can. If I’m not there, I’ll get there as quickly as I can to be that safety net. I’ve been someone’s big brother enough in my life that it’s second nature to take on that role.

To those attending conventions outside Atlanta, the odds of me being there are slim, but that doesn’t mean people in the gaming area won’t be willing to help.

Be safe, and watch each others’ backs. Never split the party!

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