DragonCon 2024 Volunteer Form

The DragonCon 2024 schedule for AtlantaPFS is complete. It is now time to recruit volunteers as Table GMs, House/Overseer GMs, GM HQ/On-Call GMs, and Headquarters personnel. Here is the full planning schedule. The final schedule may differ, depending on volunteer availability.

Form instructions:

  • If the colors on the form or on the planning schedule seem a little odd to you, I use Dark Mode for everything, and, as a result, what may look good to me may look weird to others, especially on mobile devices.
  • Required fields are marked with an asterisk.
  • The email address field should be for the address where we should contact you.
    • If that address differs from the email address used to sign up on the Paizo website, please include your Paizo registered email address in the field where it asks for your ID number and your forums username
  • Paizo requests your email and your forums username to make sure they can find you when the time comes to provide your digital copies of the scenarios you are running.
  • When selecting the number of time slots you want to cover, an upper limit of 6 was put into the form to prevent burnout. If you want to cover more than 6, please reach out to discuss.
    • If, and only if, you are signing up for 5 or more slots, you will also need to sign up on the DragonCon Eventeny page for the event and select Campaign RPG as your preferred department. Do not fill out the Eventeny page if you are covering fewer than 5 slots as they only use that to track who is getting a free badge for the weekend.
  • When selecting time slots, do not select more slots from the list than you’ve signed up to cover.
    • Any time slot selected will trigger a required question where you are selecting a scenario to run or an HQ slot to cover, so only select the slots you really want rather than supplying a list of when you can be available.
    • If you submit a form response with more selections than time slots available to volunteer, I will email you and let you know I have to delete your response and to resubmit so it will release any extra scenarios you took.
  • The Scenario dropdown list will differ from what you see in the full list on the spreadsheet. The reason is that each scenario, except for the specials, has a limit of 1 response it will accept, so they are first-come, first-served.
  • The spreadsheet should be updated within 24-48 hours of your form being submitted.
    • If 48 hours have passed, the spreadsheet does not show your name next to places where you volunteered, and you do not have an email from us to indicate a need for an update and/or that we need you to resubmit your form, email admin@atlantapfs.org

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