Out and About

The Local Gaming Community

We engage with the local gaming community in a number of ways.

As our Warhorn and Local Venues pages show, we offer Organized Play events with Paizo's Pathfinder and Starfinder games at numerous venues throughout Metro Atlanta.  These local events qualify for a few of Paizo's programs - the Retail Incentive Program, which encourages players and GMs to support the venues where we run with in-game rewards, and the Regional Support Program, which offers additional Achievement Points for use on the Paizo site to purchase boons for current or future characters.

We strive to have a mutually beneficial relationship with our venue and convention partners.  Supporting the venues helps to foster that relationship.

We also participate in local conventions which offer games for participants both local and otherwise. 

We currently maintain a presence at Marietta the Gathering, MomoCon, Southern-Fried Gaming Expo, DragonCon, and Multiverse.

Outside of these, we hold special events for members of the Atlanta lodge in conjunction with the Athens lodge, such as our holiday party and Not-a-Con.

Additionally, we have virtual offerings for players unable to join us in person.

We are always looking for more venues and conventions to support.  If you have any in mind where you think we would be a good fit, feel free to submit a request via the Support link and we will review and consider the request.

Outside the local area

We also support and/or participate in regional, national, and international conventions, whether in person or virtually, in support of Paizo's Organized Play program. 

These larger conventions tend to include direct participation from Paizo staff and, at times, have been when and where new product releases/announcements have taken place.